Stratford Shields Shares His Thoughts on the Finance Industry

Stratford Shields is a firm believer that constant innovation in the workplace is more important than years of experience in the business. As a leader in the municipal finance association, Stratford Shields he has inspired many to work towards creating and supporting innovation in the workplace. While serving as the Treasurer, Vice chairman and chairman of the securities industry financial markets association (SIMFA), he has earned the recognition of his peers through his hard work. He has worked as a lead investment banker for institutions such as universities, airports, and hospitals. He has also managed student loan agencies and state revolving funds.

Actualizing the idea of creating his company

Stratford Shields realized he could create a company while working at Morgan Stanley with the then CFO of the Ohio State University. While interacting with the CFO, he got the idea to privatize its parking owing to the big size of the school and the constant flow of people visiting the institute. It took several years for the idea to be implemented but eventually when it was the results were extraordinary. The university received 483 million dollars which were allocated to benefit student scholarships and research projects.

Stratford Shields shared his views on the need for innovation in the workplace to encourage adaptation to change. The need for motivation and innovation according to Stratford Shields is more important compared to experience. He believes that twenty-year experience is just one year experience twenty times over which make one hesitant to grow and adapt to changes in the workplace. He also advises entrepreneurs to always “role with the punches” and never give up. He also advises professionals to avoid wasting time on transactions that are not likely to occur. The way to go about this is to analyze the situation and involve a third party to find out the prospects of a transaction going through.

Gulf Coast Western: The Texas Venture Looking to Change the Oil and Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned company that was founded in 1970. Based in Dallas, the company has offices in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Its footprint in Southwestern Louisiana continues to expand each day thanks to its partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration.

The partnership helped Gulf Coast Western acquire all the assets belonging to the Lafayette-based Orbit Energy Partners. Through this acquisition, the company has gained access to 3D seismic data as well as rights to explore hundreds of square miles in Southwestern Louisiana.

A Brief Look into Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western, a limited liability company currently manages Joint Ventures, also known as Managing Venture of gas and oil Partnerships. In the industry, the firm’s main role is The main The primary objective of the oil company is to acquire, develop, and explore local oil and gas reserves situated in the United States Gulf region.

The company is able to do this by blending experience, resources, industry know-how, and talent. It typically focusses on assets proven to possess geophysical and geological advantages. The properties it considers also need to have structures that are well-developed. As such, it mainly deals with ventures that have minimal risks to its investment partners.

Mathew Fleeger— Gulf Coast Western CEO and President

Mathew is the CEO and president of the company. He is renowned in the oil and gas exploration industry for his vast knowledge in tanning industries, waste management, and oil and gas exploration. Industry insiders recognize him for his entrepreneurial, strategic planning, contract negotiation, and team building efforts.

Before taking up this role, Mathew Fleeger founded a company known as MedSolutions. The company specialized in transporting, disposing, and treating medical waste obtained from companies in the healthcare industry. He was the company CEO and president for close to 13 years. He later sold the company to an industry leader known as Stericycle.

Steve Lesnard: Marketing Principles to Keep in Mind

Marketing is an exciting industry. Without it, it would be very hard for companies to earn wealth or even become realized in the market. There are many professionals who offer advertising and marketing solutions in the recent times. There are, however, very few individuals who are versed with the right skills to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your marketing campaigns. Steve Lesnard is an expert in this field, and he has established in name over the years. Unlike other marketing executives in the market, Steve Lesnard understands the modern and effective marketing tools, and he has always introduced the best campaigns for his customers.

If you are planning to introduce a new plan for your marketing team, it is paramount to be well prepared and also learn about the new methods that are available. The platform you choose to use in your company should be affordable so that the company doesn’t spend too much. There are several principles that have been used many times in the past, and they have always proved to be effective. According to Steve Lesnard, it is important to keep in mind these two concepts when you are marketing.

It should be simple and memorable.

When you are introducing a product in the market, you should make your customers or the targeted group about the products and its benefits. The language you are using should be as simple and possible, and it should remain in the hearts of your customers. Look for the most relevant and innovative features when you are communicating to your audience. When you complicate your advert, very few people will be interested in taking time to understand it.

Bring your campaign to life

In the storyline you are bringing in the lives of the customer, you should ensure that everything is real. Tell the customer how the product will react on their body, all its functions and how it can be used. The medium you will choose for marketing will help you have a successful campaign at the end of the day. Do not exaggerate about your product benefits to the customers, because they might not be interested in purchasing it in the future.

Roseann Bennett Is A Progressive Therapist Who Reaches Her Clients In Unique Ways

Roseann Bennett continues to break new ground in the field of therapy. She is the founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment and has been serving clients as a family and marriage therapist for more than a decade. Roseann Bennett’s forward-thinking way of looking at her industry has helped her create a practice where people can be find help, regardless of their income.

Roseann Bennett has assisted hundreds of people since she first created the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She has also reached people through her writing on her blog, where she covers many different mental topics. Bennett is also an advocate for women in the workplace, and she has continued to educate others about how to empower women in today’s business world.

Roseann Bennett wakes up early on most days and gets started with her work by checking in with her employees and solving whatever problems that need her attention. During her working day, she spends time with her clients and also puts together the budget for her practice. Go To This Page for related information.

She has learned that sometimes it is best to take some time away from an issue rather than continuing to work on it when a solution just isn’t coming. Roseann Bennett is also the kind of woman who won’t push forward with any idea she is not passionate about.

Roseann Bennett enjoys spending time with her family once her work day is complete. Sometimes, she will watch one of her family’s favorite shows on Netflix, and other times, she gets in some reading. When her day is finally coming to a close, she likes to update her planner. She has discovered that this helps to keep her schedule organized and to keep her focused on her top priorities. One of Roseann’s greatest gifts is her ability to think outside-of-the-box in her field, which is something that is sorely needed.


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Matthew Fleeger contribution to the mineral industry

His role and operations of his firm

Matthew Fleeger holds an executive role at Gulf Coast Western. The firm is handling the operations of oil and gas collaborations. Their main objective is to research, improve and purchase oil and gas reserves. The company looks for ventures which have return ability and analyzed risks to its clients. Gulf Coast Western is looking forward to improving the production ability with additional PUD-designated wells. However, they are planning to build workover wells in the region. The firm concentrates on researching and leasing acquisitions operations. They are also planning to diversify their activity to other areas in the country.

His career background and awards

Gulf Coast Western has transacted over a thousand partnerships countrywide. In each business, there is an activity that took place. Matthew Fleeger was awarded for his efforts and contribution to society. He is popularly known for his skills in waste management, tanning firms and oil and gas. By being efficient in team building and strategic planning, he has been able to succeed in the market. Previously, he owned and formed MedSolutions. It is a firm which focuses on transport, disposal, and treatment of medical waste. The waste originates from health firms, and he served in the company for more than a decade.

His education background and contribution to the tanning industry

After the firm became successful, Matthew Fleeger sold it to Stericycle. He has been a prosperous businessman in the tanning sector. In this aspect, he assisted some ventures which were a startup to generate millions in revenue. For instance, he transformed a six-store activity to become one of the leading tanning operations nationally. He pursued his studies from the Southern Methodist University where he graduated with a degree in business administration. Later, he was able to execute his skills in the top positions of oil and gas firms. Through his passion for minerals, he was able to build his mineral venture.

Academy of Arts University: How to Become a Successful Athlete/Artist

Experts say that creative and jocks are entirely different. These two separate features, but they have their similarities, according to the Academy of Arts University based in San Francisco. Artists and professionals in the athletic world might have so many differences that people do not know. Various characteristics lead to the success of the individuals in these two departments. The Academy of Arts University has been in the market for a long time, and it has helped many people to realize their dreams in both departments. The organization believes that these are characteristics are found in both athletes and artists.

They can process criticism

When you might be naturally talented in the art of sporting activities, you will need an old couch, mentor or even an instructor to make your skills better. Most of the teaching that is done by these experienced individuals will be delivered just like criticism. The Academy of Arts University states that the coaches and mentors can try and soften the critiques. However, they must be able to correct their students at the end of the day. If you want to be successful in these two areas, it is paramount to learn how to grow a very thick skin and accept every correction that is delivered to you with gratitude.

Excellent time management

For an athlete or an artist to perform well, they must practice every now and then. When you are exercising, you will have to use your time. You can never use all the time you have practice, and this means that you have to be extremely careful. The Academy of Arts University advice, its students, to be wise and set their priorities so that all the responsibilities can be met at the right time. People who fail to develop the ideal time management skills fail miserably in sports and art. When you are passionate about a particular activity, you will be able to make time for it. However, this does not mean that other areas of life should be abandoned so that an individual can pursue their passion in life.

Roseanne Bennett Offers Furry Solution To Therapy Woes

Making lives better through innovative means using traditional tactics mixed with non-traditional measures. That is what Roseann Bennett seeks to accomplish for patients at her therapy and assessment clinic. Acknowledging that not every patient will respond to the standard tried and true therapeutic approaches, she has integrated new ways of reaching even the youngest patients.

Roseann Bennett Therapist has spent more than two decades offering therapy for a wide range of clients. She has also done substantial work visiting patients out in the field in their homes. While seeing these patients she realized that there was a need to reach many people who could not afford therapy or did not have insurance.

This is when the Center for Assessment and Treatment was founded. Bennett wanted to offer an alternative for people in need who could not access the system. The center was funded entirely out of Bennett’s personal funds. She cited that clinics funded with other’s money tended to have too much red tape to actually help those in need.

The work of the Center for Assessment and Treatment goes beyond standard therapy. Bennett spends a good amount of time generating new curriculums to meet patient needs. There is also the task of overseeing the daily operations of the clinic. While running therapy sessions is a normal part of everyday functions, seeing to the finances is also very important to keep things running smoothly.

Finding new methods is also something Roseann Bennett does. The clinic is presently training a therapy dog. Canine Assisted Therapy has been shown to put patients at ease and help them feel accepted. Bennett is hoping that treatment can be enhanced through the use of the dog. See This Page to learn more.

Roseann Bennett Therapist uses innovative solutions to make lives better. That is what therapy should do and what Roseann Bennett strives to do. Enhance life through caring and therapy that seems to make a difference.


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Sharon Prince Grace Farms Welcomes Carrie Mae Weems As The New Resident Performance Artist


Sharon Prince the President of Grace Farms is proud to announce that Grace Farms’ new partnership with artist Carrie Mae Weems. Carrie Mae Weems is an artist who has created artwork across multiple mediums such as dance, photography and performance art. Weems first rose to prominence in 1990 with the release of her photography project tilted Kitchen Table a black and white still life series.


Currently, Weems is performing a piece tilted Past Tense which as a modern retelling of the Greek Tragedy “Antigone.” Weems’ performance piece uses a combination of spoken word, text and imagery to tell the story of a woman who sacrifices herself for the right to bury her dead brother.


Through her performance piece Past Tense, Weems has shown the world that a 2,500-year-old Greek Tragedy can still be relevant in modern times due to its themes of injustice. Weems performances her piece as an anti-violence message and to inform people that violence against innocent people, especially young black men is still common in America. She will be performing her piece regularly at Grace Farms along with performing it in Brooklyn and Syracuse as she resides in both cities.


Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity. She is the head of Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation.


Sharon Prince has the vision of forever changing public spaces and making communities stronger. Grace Farms is an 80-acre community center based in New Canaan, Connecticut. The community center is home to 80-acres of lush meadows, forests and nature trails where people can admire the natural beauty of rural Connecticut. In the center of the farm is the famed River Building which acts as the community center.


An article on The New York Times entitled “The Spiritual and Spectacular Meet at an Ultramodern Community Center in Connecticut”, talks about a facility which is a nature center, gym, hub for social justice groups, community garden and a part-time ecumenical chapel — and that is only a partial list.


The River Building includes a 700-seat amphitheater designed for public speaking and performance art. It also contains a commons area which acts as a community space and has a restaurant where fresh food is served daily. Lastly, it contains a library and contains a pavilion where tea and coffee are served daily. Grace Farms is opened from Tuesday through Sunday and no admission is charged to the public.


Go Here to visit their channel on YouTube.


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Vijay Eswaran: The Inspiring Story Of The Executive Chairman Of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is someone who has made a name for himself within the business sector owing to the fact that he stands as an entrepreneur and someone who has led several well-known companies. In addition to leading his own businesses, he is also known for being an author and a philanthropist.

Currently, Eswaran stands as the Executive Chairman of QI Group, a company that he helped build. The company currently operates out of its headquarters in Hong Kong and has offices situated across the globe.

Eswaran’s life story is nothing short of inspiring. He clearly exhibits the fact that hard work and dedication can pay off one day if you stick to it. Eswaran was born in Malaysia and worked as a taxi driver during his youth. He used the money that he earned being a taxi driver for his education in the United States and was proceeded to study accounting and management in London as well as Illinois. He then went on to work as an engineer for several well-known companies across the world.

In 1998, Eswaran had an idea that brought together technology and the retail industry. He established a company that used online direct marketing techniques to reach audiences and potential customers. The idea was incredibly new at the time, which is why many people didn’t believe in the company that Eswaran wanted to build. However, he was determined to see his plans to fruition and decided that he would keep working at it to one day make it a success.

Within the span of one year, the company that Eswaran built was already seeing an incredible amount of success. The company started to expand even further beyond its territorial bounds and began being implemented across southeast Asia. Within a short period of time, the company had gone from being a startup to a forerunner within the online direct marketing industry.

Today, online direct marketing has become one of the more preferred mediums through which brands connect with their customers, and the work done by someone like Eswaran is helping them achieve that. Currently, QI Group stands as a multi-billion dollar company and is set to grow even further in the years to come.


This May Be A Season With A Difference For Watford

Manager Javi Gracia has noted that Watford achieved something special with a 5-1 defeat of Cardiff, which also happened to be their biggest win of the season. With only eleven losses this season, Watford has become seventh in the Premier League and reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Mr. Gracia has noted that much of this has been achieved because of the extensive level of teamwork that’s been on show at the team all season. This teamwork was highlighted in the Cardiff match when Troy Deeney secured a league double, and Gerard Deulofeu took home a hat-trick.

Because of this, the Watford boss has said that he’s happy with the way the team is playing and has said that he’s hopeful they can achieve something this season. Javi Gracia noted that while the team already has 40 points this season, he wants to continue in both the FA Cup and the Premier League; because of that, he’s hopeful that the team will continue to stay on the same page with the next few upcoming games. Based on the past few performances, however, it seems that many people are confident that this will be the case. The team’s cohesion was on full display when Deulofeu helped set up Deeney’s first goal in the match, which was just before he was substituted out of the game.

Mr. Gracia noted that Deulofeu was great in getting his hat-trick, but that it was also great to see him work with Deeney to help him get his first goal of the match; the goal also helped to put one of the final nails in the head of Cardiff’s chances of a comeback. Javi Gracia noted that while Watford is playing amazingly, there’s always room to improve, which is what the team will have to focus on going forward.