Bruno Fagali: The Phenomenal Brazilian Lawyer

Overview of the Law Field in Brazil

The law field in Brazil has changed significantly since the attainment of the nation’s independence. The different types of law specialties ensure justice is attained and the Constitution is followed. Notably, the legal profession is one the well-paying in Brazil given that it’s a career that requires diligence and resilience. For one to qualify as a lawyer, one has to undertake a five-year degree course and excel.

Upon proper excellence and completion of the course, it is a requirement that one passes the bar exam to be allowed to practice as an attorney. Most of the successful lawyers own law firms and are situated either in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

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The Career Journey and Achievements of Bruno Fagali

Like most lawyers, this attorney is located in Sao Paulo where he practices in his legal field. Bruno Fagali has gained command of the law in Brazil given that he credible, offers quality services and his years of experience have been remarkable.

His law firm is called Fagali Advocacy where he derives pleasure from seeing his client’s needs met. His professionalism and integrity have stood the test of time, and his value for all his clients has remained a pivotal pillar in his successful legal profession.

The Fagali Advocacy pays close attention to ethics, anti-corruption, elections, compliance and public law. The law firm has hit the headlines because of the clean-up drive aimed at ensuring transparency with public funds and in public offices. Bruno Fagali through the company offers training to corporate organizations and government institutions about ethics and ways to preventing corruption scandals.

Further, the Fagali Advocacy prides itself in providing legal assistance to clients on issues related to bidding law, administrative improbability actions, civil law, civil liability process, public civil action, regulatory law, expropriation actions, and popular actions among others.

The legal accomplishments of Bruno Fagali are hailed in Brazil for his close attention to perfection, thereby representing the clients best interests. Many aspiring lawyers can clearly emulate him, as they strive to becoming reliable lawyers who are trusted by their clients.

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