Ara Chackerian: An Expert Businessman And A Philanthropist

Ara Chackerian is a general partner at Limonapa Teak since 2010. He is a businessman, an avid humanitarian, and also supports environmental causes. He received his Bachelors of Arts in Marketing from Florida State University in 1991.


In an article, Ara Chackerian is interviewed. As mentioned above, the article begins with his passion for philanthropy. It says, “Chackerian’s work has been focused on community-based efforts.” Some of these causes include youth development and causes dealing with environmental interests.

In line with Ara Chackerian’s environmental concerns, Mr. Chackerian became a general partner of Limonapa Teak. Limonapa Teak is a teak species deriving from a sustainable farm from Nicaragua. Their efforts provide “hundreds of good-paying jobs …” The interview moves on to cover various topics such as his latest venture concerning a treatment called, “transcranial magnetic stimulation,” and industry trends in the healthcare field.

Industry Trends

In another article dated November 19th 2018, Ara Chackerian discusses stock investment in the healthcare field. Coinciding with industry trends, Mr. Chackerian talks about investors and the reinvestment of dividends. His article begins with describing that most investors lack the habit of utilizing this practice (reinvesting of dividends).

The article moves on to three stocks that he recommends for investors. The first stock he mentions is Welltower. He describes Welltower as one of the “leading” drug manufacturers. Because they produce “high-demand” drugs, their stocks yield a return of over “5.4%”. He moves on to discuss the next stock, Abbvie. Similar to the previous company, Abbvie is also a drug manufacturer. Abbvie is known for producing the drug named, Humira. Because Humira is one of the “top-selling drug internationally,” this stock yields “more than 4% annually.” The final and third stock Ara Chackerian mentions is Pfizer. This company is real-estate based but has turned its focus in healthcare. Mr. Chackerian ends his article with, this “stock has performed perfectly since 1938.”

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