Nick Vertucci Journey in Real Estate Explained

When starting an investment, expert advice is always very important. A wise investor doesn’t risk his capital before seeking investment advice from the people who have been in a similar situation before. People like Nick Vertucci are making the real estate market easier for the young people who are trying to make wealth through it. Real estate is a complex area that demands so much from the investors. Without expert help, young professionals have a tough time making profits. Some of them have ended up with uncountable losses in this industry because they did not seek help. If you do not want to fall and live a miserable life than ever, it is time to start thinking about individuals such as Nick Vertucci. After being in this field for decades, Nick Vertucci is one of the few individuals who have a track record in real estate. His story started from the most humble backgrounds, and it shows of an executive who has attained his achievements in the right way.

Nick Vertucci Launches a New Book

Very few people are willing to share their experiences in life and motivate the youth.Vertucci has always loved sharing his journey so that people can be encouraged and take on real life issues with the right attitude. In the new book that has just been launched and shared into the market, Nick is giving all the fine details of the steps to be taken in real estate. If you are planning to win in the complicated department, then it is time to get a copy and learn about the crucial building blocks that are needed in real estate. The book that has been released is called, ‘Seven Figure Decisions; Having the Balls to Succeed’ and it has impressed so many people. All investors, even those who are not interested in real estate, can benefit by taking time to read the book. In this book, the real estate expert doesn’t sugar coat his journey since he was born. Everything is very real, unlike what people like to do. At one time, the businessman shows how he was devastated after losing all his wealth returning to zero after acquiring so much in life. When people fall and become poor, they get depressed and lose hope in life.Vertucci, however, rose again, and he is wise to invest his wealth so that he can remain in the market for long.

Nick Vertucci Early Life

When people look at the achievements under Vertucci’s belt, they tend to believe that he has the best academic qualifications, and that he came from one of the biggest families in the world. However, this is not the case. Nick never got an opportunity to attend any college to acquire formal education and establish a career. His parents were middle class people, and when the real estate guru was very young, his father passed away. Being the only bread winner in the young family, Vertucci’s father left a big gap in the family. The real estate investor dropped from school and started looking for informal jobs so that he could sustain his family and continue surviving.

Ara Chackerian: An Expert Businessman And A Philanthropist

Ara Chackerian is a general partner at Limonapa Teak since 2010. He is a businessman, an avid humanitarian, and also supports environmental causes. He received his Bachelors of Arts in Marketing from Florida State University in 1991.


In an article, Ara Chackerian is interviewed. As mentioned above, the article begins with his passion for philanthropy. It says, “Chackerian’s work has been focused on community-based efforts.” Some of these causes include youth development and causes dealing with environmental interests.

In line with Ara Chackerian’s environmental concerns, Mr. Chackerian became a general partner of Limonapa Teak. Limonapa Teak is a teak species deriving from a sustainable farm from Nicaragua. Their efforts provide “hundreds of good-paying jobs …” The interview moves on to cover various topics such as his latest venture concerning a treatment called, “transcranial magnetic stimulation,” and industry trends in the healthcare field.

Industry Trends

In another article dated November 19th 2018, Ara Chackerian discusses stock investment in the healthcare field. Coinciding with industry trends, Mr. Chackerian talks about investors and the reinvestment of dividends. His article begins with describing that most investors lack the habit of utilizing this practice (reinvesting of dividends).

The article moves on to three stocks that he recommends for investors. The first stock he mentions is Welltower. He describes Welltower as one of the “leading” drug manufacturers. Because they produce “high-demand” drugs, their stocks yield a return of over “5.4%”. He moves on to discuss the next stock, Abbvie. Similar to the previous company, Abbvie is also a drug manufacturer. Abbvie is known for producing the drug named, Humira. Because Humira is one of the “top-selling drug internationally,” this stock yields “more than 4% annually.” The final and third stock Ara Chackerian mentions is Pfizer. This company is real-estate based but has turned its focus in healthcare. Mr. Chackerian ends his article with, this “stock has performed perfectly since 1938.”

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