Rocketship Education: Better Learning Solutions

Rocketship Education has been trending as of late, and it has provided a more comprehensive way of learning for kids in elementary school. Rocketship Education’s name says it all. Founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner, the first school was actually opened in San Jose, California. The school, and its progressive-learning programs truly produce great results. The programs are easy to use, are fun to incorporate and are providing the kids with a much more efficient way of learning. Rocketship Education is basically a charter school that receive donations from multiple sources. It now has up to five schools in the San Jose, California, region.

Thanks to the first school’s success, San Jose was able to fulfill its bargain by opening more schools. In addition to that, Rocketship Education can now be found in other cities such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Nashville, Tennessee. Andre Agassi played a huge role in the launching of an RE-accredited school in the Washington D.C. area. Why is this program so successful? The answer to this question is fairly easy because the programs are geared to teach students at their own pace. The California-based charter school has had some mixed feelings, but the positive results destroy any real argument of what the school has brought to the table. The Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University found that the students who committed more time to the programs actually made more progress. This is 100 percent accurate and the news was published.

Rocketship Education is also non-profit, but it receives a fair share of donations, which helps to fund the program. This is proof that general public now believes in this advanced-learning system. All in all, Rocketship Education is building stronger minds for the children of elementary age.