Tips For Digital Marketing By Steve Lesnard


According to Steve Lesnard, Vice president of Global Brand Marketing & General Manager experiences at Nike, the new digital mediums have changed the way of marketing the products. As much as it is advantageous, it also hazardous if not properly utilized. Strategies tailored to customers needs are essential. From his 20+ years of experience, below he gives two principles to use in the marketing of products.

Simplify it to make it easy to remember

Steve Lesnard warns that this is not easy as it forces the teams to focus on the relevant features to communicate. The team should be able to come up with words and phrases that tell the consumer that when they buy the product, it will solve their need or serve them. These phrases should also be easy to understand and remember.

The famous example is the iPod campaign where Apple keeps it simple and memorable by using the phrase “10k songs in your pocket”. This principle was to solve the customers’ needs who wanted music at the click of the button. Apple’s communication strategy was simple. It still watches to expand to fitness and health and still keeping it simple giving their customers reason to upgrade. Peleton was throwing the fitness industry into another era by coming up with “private indoor cycling studio” at the comfort of your home.

Enliven it to make it authentic

Once the storyline is clear, this principle tailored around what experience the customer can relate. The idea enlivens. Various vital points considered include, how the product brings certain features on the body of the consumer, what it does and how to even use it. All these key points have to be taken care of and the medium used must be appropriated. Visit This Page for additional information.

Making ideas live and real is done mainly by the use of videos which bring the consumer storyline, experience and testimony to life. A video can communicate ideas easily, bring them to life and outline the best features of the product. An example is that of Yeti who was able to sell coolers and entered into a traditional industry. The two above mentioned principles by Steve Lesnard ensures success in digital marketing.


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Things You Need To Know About Victoria Doramus


Victoria Doramus has achieved tremendous successes in her career. Many women look up to her as their role model and they have continued to emulate her behavior for the sake of their success. Victoria has gone through many challenges in her life and career, and her strength and perseverance are the primary reasons she has continued to overcome them and remain strong. As an analyst of market trends, she has continued to use technology in her work to gain more insight and information about various issues. She advises entrepreneurs on the things they should look up to while carrying out their businesses and her continues effort has enabled her to emerge as a successful and influential woman.

Despite having a glamorous career, Victoria Doramus battled drug and alcohol addiction at one point in her life. The drug addiction negatively affected her job and she could barely deliver her bets. The struggles that she went through during her addiction days were challenging both to her and her family. The duo finally made a final decision to go to rehab. While at rehab, Victoria Doramus was focused on overcoming her problems and concentrate on acquiring a better life. It is through her dedication to change her ways of life that she finally defeated the issues and finally took the right path to the success of her career.

Her life is an inspiration to many people that go through various challenges in their lives.Victoria Doramus has continued to encourage people not to despair even at the darkest moments of their lives. Through her words of wisdom, she has also helped a considerable number of people handle the various problem that they go through in their lives. Victoria Doramus has also proved to be a focused individual due to the fact that she made a significant and final decision to take a positive path in her life. Victoria Doramus ability to bring innovation in her career has also ensured that many companies benefit from her inventiveness. She continues to win the hearts of many people through the ideas and words of wisdom that she shares with many. She has a passion for charity where she is involved with foundations such as Winehouse, Room to Read, Women’s Prison Association and Best Friends Animal Society.


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Steve Lesnard: Interest In Sports And Journey To Global Product Marketing


Steve Lesnard is a renowned global brand consultant. He has been involved in the launch of great products, global campaigns of major brands and major partnerships. He is overly interested in the fields of technology, sports, and lifestyle. His experience and long involvements in sports have given him a deeper and clear understanding of customer preferences.

This has helped him in understanding the ever-changing customer needs and the impact of technology in making the brands grow. Steve’s interest in sports starts from his love for childhood games and the values and skills he developed during this time that he holds on to till now. Get More Information Here.

During his business school in France, Steve Lesnard’s interest and involvement in sports continued and he served as a sports club president. His role entailed organizing school tournaments and sports. Steve started his career in 1997 with a sports brand as the project manager for the Footwear line and Global Sports Marketing. Here he served the snowboard teams in 1998 Winter Olympics where he signed two men and serviced them to become the first snowboarding gold winners. He then became the Africa Director for Women & Cross where he partnered with Madonna and Rihanna to redefine the experience of women retail stores.

Traveling throughout his career engagements heightened his interest in global brand positioning and marketing. Steve Lesnard’s experience in different cultures made him encounter the deep meaning of building international brands. Sports is an inclusive activity that has contributed to bridging gaps and creating great international brand experiences.

To stay productive and active Steve adopts an early morning routine that starts with exercise and creating clear long- and short-term goals. Planning and open-minded thinking and flexibility also help him successfully handle his projects. Conversation and thinking with teams are a great way of developing new ideas. A clear definition of an idea, consumer consciousness and product impact to the end user are three key aspects to actualizing ideas.

To succeed in a career like his, Steve Lesnard recommends curiosity on the ever-evolving market trends and constant, diverse customer engagements. Understanding customer needs and strategizing around them with making a brand succeed.


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Victoria Doramus- Joining Hands With Charitable Organizations


Victoria Doramus is a committed philanthropist located in Brooklyn, New York. She recently focused her career on giving back to the community through charitable acts. From 2016, Victoria Doramus has primarily volunteered her time and resources in several charities, such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, and Room to Read. She has also joined the Women’s Prison Association.

The Women’s Prison Association

Established in 1845, Women’s Prison Association (WPA), was the country’s first organization that committed its resources to work with criminal Justice-involved women as well as their families. WPA has always aimed to create viable opportunities for change in women’s lives and communities that have been impacted by incarceration. Victoria Doramus joined the organization to be part of the life-changing cause that allows women who have been jailed to engage in social activities while receiving lesser precarious forms of punishment.

Room to Read

Room to Read is a not-for-profit organization that has been supporting children from less fortunate families to access education platforms. The organization is also committed to change the lives of thousands of children who aspire to be knowledgeable but cannot afford tuition fee. In partnership with Room to Read, Victoria Doramus works on supporting young girls to finish their secondary education. Since its founding in 2000, communities have benefited from its mission. Some of these beneficiaries include schools in Grenade, Indonesia, Jordan, and Tanzania.

Best Friends Animal Society

Also, Victoria is aware that animals need our help.She joins hands with Best Friends Animal Society, a leading non-profit organization that assists to end the massive killing of animals in various shelters in the United States of America. Established in the 1980s, the organization had an unfortunate era of cats and dogs when these animals were often killed. It was suggested that it was the appropriate method of handling unwanted pets in the community.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation

Amy Winehouse was young when she died. As such, her friends started the Amy Winehouse Foundation to support those who abuse drugs by initiating treatment methods for them. Victoria Doramus is known for being a recovery expert who survived the same ordeal. She joins the organization to support the same cause.


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