Doe Deere is More Than Just Fun Colors

Even though Doe Deere’s brand is all about color and having a good time, she is more than just that. She’s a businesswoman and knows what she wants out of her company. Lime Crime is better because of the things she does and that helps her make sense of all the makeup options around her. It’s her way of showing people how good she is and what she can do with different makeup opportunities. It’s also how she plans to keep helping people no matter how hard they want to fight all the options they have when it comes to makeup and other things.


There are times when Doe Deere has to make difficult business decisions. She knows those times matter. She also knows they are what makes her the businessperson she is. If she didn’t have to make difficult decisions, she wouldn’t be where she is now. No matter how much she works, she always makes time for fun in her life because of the opportunities she has to make things better. It’s her way of being more successful and trying things that give her the best options possible. For Doe Deere, the ability to help far outweighs the harder parts of her business.


When Doe Deere started working in the beauty industry, she knew she had a lot to learn. In a recent article, she talks about what it was like to be a beauty blogger. She knew she was making a huge impact on all the people who wanted to do makeup like hers but she also knew it was somewhat difficult for people to see what she was doing. For Doe Deere, the point of doing makeup the right way was moot. She wanted to do makeup her own way. She still wants to do it her own way.


While she had a huge following on her blog, Doe Deere prepared to take it to the next level. She started working for herself. The makeup that she so often struggled to find while creating looks on her blog was a thing of the past. She decided to make her own makeup. She chose the colors she wanted and the styles that would make sense to her. She also chose other things that would help her make all the right decisions for her own makeup options. It was her way of branching out and becoming the best.


When Lime Crime started, Doe Deere knew what she had to do. She took a long time and learned how to run a makeup business. Even though she wasn’t offering the same colors as every other makeup company in the world, she knew they had great business plans. She followed some of them and added her own ideas to others. She focused on learning techniques for marketing and that paid off when she started showing people what they could do with the makeup they had. Doe Deere knew starting Lime Crime was the best decision she ever made for her career and her life.


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