Kimberly Bakker Is An Event Planner And Consultant Who Has Built Her Business On Hospitality


Kimberly Bakker is a dynamic entrepreneur who runs her own events consulting firm called Kimberly Bakker Events. She majored in business while attending the University of Southern California and also served as a volunteer teacher during that time. Bakker was a part of putting together World Environment Day in San Francisco. She did so while serving as the San Francisco protocol officer and was appointed to the position by Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Kimberly Bakker commented that she has taken a look back at all of the experiences she has had in her life and believes that they have helped her to become the person she is now. If she were able to travel in time and give her younger self some tips, she definitely would. She would tell herself to trust her intuition and to not worry about what other people think. She would remind herself that she cannot control how other people view things or how they think of her. Bakker also commented that she would tell herself to wear a pair of flats to every event because she had to put up with a lot of pain while walking in stilettos all day. Refer to This Article for more information.

Kimberly Bakker has been able to grow Kimberly Bakker Events into what it is today for many different reasons. She has always seen her business as a hospitality business, and as such, she has focused on offering the best customer service she can to her clientele. She has accepted all requests and has been able to build a reputation based upon this.

Kimberly Bakker has also always worked hard to ensure that all of the stress of planning an event is taken off of her clients shoulders. This means they don’t have to worry about all of the little details and every little thing that could go wrong. Instead, they get to relax and enjoy a memorable event.


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