NewsWatch Reviewed Highly As It Takes the Ockel PC Into Pockets Around The World

In a NewsWatch interview with Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, CMO of Avanca, she had nothing but praise for NewsWatch and its’ role in the success of the Ockel pocket laptop; not a mobile device running an OS such as Android or iOS, but a fully functional, Windows 10 PC that one can carry in a coat pocket. Ms. Wikjkvliet opened her interview relating the rave reviews that the device has received for its’ impressive combination of convenience, portability and functionality, and then goes on to speak about her praise for NewsWatch itself and its role in marketing and promoting the device.

The interview contained glowing feedback on the support and personnel of NewsWatch throughout their partnership, and it was clear that the members of the two companies established a friendly, yet formal rapport that would seemingly be indicative of the wider business relationship. When asked about her opinion of the role NewsWatch had on the success of their device, she went so far as to say she thought that it was “one of the reasons why the project was successful.”

Newswatch itself is an award winning television program with a broad focus on various facets of pop-culture and news media. At the time of writing of this article, the program is nearly 29 years in the running, having begun in the March of 1990 as a monthly program with a rather narrower focus. Throughout the 90’s, the scope and profile of the program grew to focus on matters of a general interest to the American public.

Much of the program is focused on reviews of consumer products, and it was in the April of 2011 that Tech Report, the aspect of NewsWatch relevant to this particular review began. It focuses on exciting, new consumer technology and the newest devices.