Roseanne Bennett Offers Furry Solution To Therapy Woes

Making lives better through innovative means using traditional tactics mixed with non-traditional measures. That is what Roseann Bennett seeks to accomplish for patients at her therapy and assessment clinic. Acknowledging that not every patient will respond to the standard tried and true therapeutic approaches, she has integrated new ways of reaching even the youngest patients.

Roseann Bennett Therapist has spent more than two decades offering therapy for a wide range of clients. She has also done substantial work visiting patients out in the field in their homes. While seeing these patients she realized that there was a need to reach many people who could not afford therapy or did not have insurance.

This is when the Center for Assessment and Treatment was founded. Bennett wanted to offer an alternative for people in need who could not access the system. The center was funded entirely out of Bennett’s personal funds. She cited that clinics funded with other’s money tended to have too much red tape to actually help those in need.

The work of the Center for Assessment and Treatment goes beyond standard therapy. Bennett spends a good amount of time generating new curriculums to meet patient needs. There is also the task of overseeing the daily operations of the clinic. While running therapy sessions is a normal part of everyday functions, seeing to the finances is also very important to keep things running smoothly.

Finding new methods is also something Roseann Bennett does. The clinic is presently training a therapy dog. Canine Assisted Therapy has been shown to put patients at ease and help them feel accepted. Bennett is hoping that treatment can be enhanced through the use of the dog. See This Page to learn more.

Roseann Bennett Therapist uses innovative solutions to make lives better. That is what therapy should do and what Roseann Bennett strives to do. Enhance life through caring and therapy that seems to make a difference.


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