Steve Lesnard: Interest In Sports And Journey To Global Product Marketing


Steve Lesnard is a renowned global brand consultant. He has been involved in the launch of great products, global campaigns of major brands and major partnerships. He is overly interested in the fields of technology, sports, and lifestyle. His experience and long involvements in sports have given him a deeper and clear understanding of customer preferences.

This has helped him in understanding the ever-changing customer needs and the impact of technology in making the brands grow. Steve’s interest in sports starts from his love for childhood games and the values and skills he developed during this time that he holds on to till now. Get More Information Here.

During his business school in France, Steve Lesnard’s interest and involvement in sports continued and he served as a sports club president. His role entailed organizing school tournaments and sports. Steve started his career in 1997 with a sports brand as the project manager for the Footwear line and Global Sports Marketing. Here he served the snowboard teams in 1998 Winter Olympics where he signed two men and serviced them to become the first snowboarding gold winners. He then became the Africa Director for Women & Cross where he partnered with Madonna and Rihanna to redefine the experience of women retail stores.

Traveling throughout his career engagements heightened his interest in global brand positioning and marketing. Steve Lesnard’s experience in different cultures made him encounter the deep meaning of building international brands. Sports is an inclusive activity that has contributed to bridging gaps and creating great international brand experiences.

To stay productive and active Steve adopts an early morning routine that starts with exercise and creating clear long- and short-term goals. Planning and open-minded thinking and flexibility also help him successfully handle his projects. Conversation and thinking with teams are a great way of developing new ideas. A clear definition of an idea, consumer consciousness and product impact to the end user are three key aspects to actualizing ideas.

To succeed in a career like his, Steve Lesnard recommends curiosity on the ever-evolving market trends and constant, diverse customer engagements. Understanding customer needs and strategizing around them with making a brand succeed.


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