The Future of Healthcare: Drew Madden’s Contribution

Thanks to rapid technological advancement, scientists predict a future with long life spans. Ailments that were once incurable now have fantastic remedies. The intelligent Drew Madden is working to secure excellent healthcare. He has great involvement with Electrical Medical Records (EMR) innovations, which aim to advance treatment paradigms and patient care.

In one of his most inspiring interviews, Madden states that his passion for improving healthcare workflows and operational processes led him to create Evergreen Healthcare Partners, an organization focused on healthcare improvement. This firm brings together some of the best minds in the healthcare industry including top consulting firms (Bluetree, Huron, Vonlay, and Nordic) and IT establishments (Cerner and Epic).

Drew Madden affirms that selfless collaboration with others helps him turn ideas into reality. His work time majorly involves meeting people to discuss issues such as internet projects, client progress, and recruiting industry leaders. To be such a successful entrepreneur, Drew has cultivated the habit of listening carefully. Good listening skills not only endears to his clients but it also helps him grasp what they require. Other than that, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to refine the business’ value proposition and package understandably.

About Drew Madden

Healthcare IT entrepreneur Drew Madden is passionate about developing high caliber teams, trusted client partnerships, and unique/ attractive company culture. Together with his partners, Drew founded the Evergreen Healthcare Partners that assists healthcare organizations to solve problems in IT, change management, and operations. His illustrious career began after graduating in 2002 from the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa with an Industrial Engineering BSC.

Madden has massive experience in optimizing, implementing, advising, and managing EMR projects. For over 15 years, Drew has been collaborating with the brightest to solve challenges that face firms adopting new EMR systems. It will be exciting to see healthcare evolution over the next decade relating to EMR adoption.

The kind of work Drew Madden and his partners do goes a long way in bettering the ability to solve complex healthcare issues. When future generations consider history, they will remember Drew as a vital cog in excellent healthcare systems.