Tips For Digital Marketing By Steve Lesnard


According to Steve Lesnard, Vice president of Global Brand Marketing & General Manager experiences at Nike, the new digital mediums have changed the way of marketing the products. As much as it is advantageous, it also hazardous if not properly utilized. Strategies tailored to customers needs are essential. From his 20+ years of experience, below he gives two principles to use in the marketing of products.

Simplify it to make it easy to remember

Steve Lesnard warns that this is not easy as it forces the teams to focus on the relevant features to communicate. The team should be able to come up with words and phrases that tell the consumer that when they buy the product, it will solve their need or serve them. These phrases should also be easy to understand and remember.

The famous example is the iPod campaign where Apple keeps it simple and memorable by using the phrase “10k songs in your pocket”. This principle was to solve the customers’ needs who wanted music at the click of the button. Apple’s communication strategy was simple. It still watches to expand to fitness and health and still keeping it simple giving their customers reason to upgrade. Peleton was throwing the fitness industry into another era by coming up with “private indoor cycling studio” at the comfort of your home.

Enliven it to make it authentic

Once the storyline is clear, this principle tailored around what experience the customer can relate. The idea enlivens. Various vital points considered include, how the product brings certain features on the body of the consumer, what it does and how to even use it. All these key points have to be taken care of and the medium used must be appropriated. Visit This Page for additional information.

Making ideas live and real is done mainly by the use of videos which bring the consumer storyline, experience and testimony to life. A video can communicate ideas easily, bring them to life and outline the best features of the product. An example is that of Yeti who was able to sell coolers and entered into a traditional industry. The two above mentioned principles by Steve Lesnard ensures success in digital marketing.


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